Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cleaning & Disinfecting in Winnipeg

Fogging Disinfection Cleaning Services in Winnipeg

Our A&E Building Maintenance team of specialists in fogging disinfection cleaning in Winnipeg can eliminate any traces of COVID-19 and any contagious pathogens in a very quick and efficient way. Keeping your premises well disinfected and hygienic is something which has become important since the pandemic started. Many types of commercial buildings ranging from offices, churches, schools, gyms, and warehouses are highly vulnerable to a variety of bacteria and microorganisms, with severe cases of infestations reported on a recurring basis. Fogging disinfection cleaning allow us to perform our tasks without interfering with the normal functions of your business. All objects touched by your staff and clients will be thoroughly disinfected according to standards that are considered clinically clean.

How effective is fogging against COVID-19?

Fogging disinfection cleaning is highly effective against Covid-19, killing 99.9% of known viruses, bacteria, in just under 5 minutes. The electrostatic method that we use involves the delivery of charged droplets that are actively attracted to surfaces, including crevices, regardless of spray direction. This method provides complete coverage of all exposed surfaces. For all decontamination cleaning in Winnipeg throughout the year, get in touch with us for a free no-obligation quote today.

Fogging Benefits:

  • Covers 360-degrees of applied surfaces
  • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination because of touch application processes
  • Reaches hard-to-reach cleaning surfaces and spaces
  • Uses on average 65% fewer chemicals per square foot than standard cleaning

Areas our fogging cleaning cover:

Offices, Restaurants, Gyms, Schools, constructions sites, hotels, and much more.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) disinfecting and cleaning in Winnipeg

A&E Building Maintenance provides leading coronavirus (COVID-19) cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing services in Winnipeg to ensure your safety and the safety of your employees and patrons.

To ensure COVID-19 and other harmful viruses do not spread in your workplace, we will create a customized plan to better assist your cleaning needs. You can choose from a variety of cleaning programs that provide personalized sanitation services to combat COVID-19.

When you trust A&E Building Maintenance with your Coronavirus (COVID-19) disinfecting and cleaning, we ensure that any area that potentially contains this deadly virus will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Disinfection Cleaning Process

A proper implementation of Coronavirus decontamination procedures allow us to effectively remove any infectious agents which prevent any potential outbreak quickly and with the least amount of impact across your business. Our qualified and experienced teams work to the recommended standards of the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) whom advice for specific procedures to follow identifying potential risks before any cleaning takes place.

The Process must follow strict guidelines:

1- Cleaning

2- Enhanced cleaning

3- Disinfection

3- The use of specialist automated technologies

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