Our Philosophy Is Simple

Helping clients operate more efficiently is our core skill. It is why clients choose to work with us and why we have grown so consistently. However, we know that there is always a better way of working – a better way to deliver operational excellence and the best way to stay ahead of the competition. Management information, data and technology is an increasingly critical part of our service offering, and we continue to invest in this area.

Our team continually seeks out new and better ways of working. That means concentrating on what matters most to customers, listening to feedback and being innovative to meet ever-increasing expectations. It means efficient delivery, using standard processes, key performance metrics and knowing exactly who is doing what, where and when. And it means being effective, with clearly defined roles and a culture of continuous improvement supported by sharing best practice, such as how we use management information and technology.

“The mission of A & E is to provide only the best possible service. Poor work ethic and low quality can be left to those who don’t value their clientelle.

The foundation of our success is built upon a very simple and basic ideal.”

To provide our products and services with competence, fairness, value and integrity.